Assessment 2: Image 5

(Tsegay, 2017)

The image depicts a laptop and a clapperboard showing how now there is an abundance of technology and ways that being digitally literate is able to help in the storytelling process with the introduction of laptops making it incredibly easy to tell stories in terms of finding inspiration and releasing stories to audiences on platforms such as WordPress and social media.

Pixlr was used to distort the image by darkening the surrounding of the image to make the clapperboard and keyboard stand out. ‘’New media and digital imagery are becoming the dominant models of visualisation according to which our society and institutions function’’(Hall, 1999). Hall explores how new media is increasingly becoming dominant which is seen in my image as the laptop is becoming the new tool to create narratives and express stories. This explores how the use of creative writing will always hold a huge significance when it comes to storytelling and how it’s consistently used through an abundance of media.


Hall, D (1999): “The Original and the Reproduction: Art in the Age of Digital Technology”, Visual Resources, v15n2, pp 269-278

Tsegay, D. (2017) Laptop and clapperboard. (image).


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