Assessment 2: Image 4

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 11.43.15 am
(Tsegay, 2017)

‘’Once upon a time’’ is often seen in fiction narratives in order to help the reader’s sense of escapism whilst reading the story. This phrase that has been used very often in children stories evokes a thought process that contributes to the reader envisioning where the story is going along with putting the reader in a mindset where they are able to digest the narrative in a way that benefits their knowledge of it as their reading becomes a sensory experience. Along with creative writing the visualisation of the words in cinema is able to ‘’materialise both fantasy and the fantastic.’’ (Sassatelli 2011) showing how important words are to visualising a story.

‘’Once upon a time’’ is often translated from novel to film as a phrase that helps viewers relax and ease themselves into their viewership as well as the creators giving themselves a way to easily introduce the plot line and characters in depth and detail. I used Pixlr to heighten the exposure as well as the contrast to 100 to give off the effect of the screen being the most important thing to the viewer.


Tsegay, D. (2017) Cinema (image).

Sassatelli, R (2011): “Interview with Laura Mulvey: Gender, gaze and technology in film culture”, Theory, Culture & Society, v28n5, pp 123-143


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