Assessment 2: Image 1

(Lindner, 2013)

The main theme of this image is how a narrative is able to paint pictures with words and create stories with metaphors, similes and the story in general. The image explores how words and stories are able to evoke emotion in people that make them feel certain ways along with envisioning the story as their own vision in their minds.

The image depicting writing on one page and a dog next to a puddle along with a child is supposed to express how creative stories allow readers to visualise what is happening in the story in their mind in a way that keeps them intrigued and interested in the story being told. I used pixlr to brighten the image along with increasing contrast and the size of the dog in order to highlight the imagery coming off the pages.

As my major is creative writing i have chosen to explore the theme of a narrative and it’s effects on the reader along with how (Cheney, 2001) shows why creative writing concepts are used to be engaging and enticing. The theme of a narratives influence on how people interpret storytelling and writing in general is a theme that has a lot to do with the creation of a story in terms of visualising an idea and executing it with certain uses of literacy.

This image was sourced through ‘pixabay’ and was allowable for ‘share’ and ‘adapt’.


Cheney, T.A.R. 2001. Writing Creative Nonfiction, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley.

Lindner, J. (2013). Narrative History Dream Tell. [image] Available at: [Accessed 1 Oct. 2017].


One thought on “Assessment 2: Image 1

  1. Great image however it would be great if you could enlarge the image more, as the image in the header is covered by “Assessment 2: Image 1” and hence I cannot really completely view your image. The other image on the actual page is very small to see what is actually there, hence it would be a great idea to enlarge your image.
    Otherwise, I love the way you framed the image of the boat on the sea and octopus tentacles within the right page of the book, which really shows how an individual can use their imagination to create their own picture of what might certain texts looks like as described on the left side of the book. However the salience in this picture is drastic as initially my eye was drawn towards the difference of the text and images on both sides of the book however, the cropping of the image you have done on pixlr is quite poor.


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