Digital and interactive media

Digital and interactive narratives enhances one’s digital literacy by stimulating their minds in a way that other mediums such as watching television are not able to. (Williams 2014) explores the theme that digital and interactive narratives are able to improve critical thinking in general and communicate things that happen in their narratives that aren’t able to be communicated or translated into other forms of media which makes digital and interactive narratives so important to digital literacy and give people a heightened understanding of digital literacy whilst using these mediums. The technology used in these narratives helps us to comprehend how the interactive side of the narrative became so important and significant in today’s world of gaming and show how these mediums quickly rose to being so popular around the world.

Digital and interactive narratives have a huge importance in terms of digital literacy and how it affects people’s knowledge and how one choses to communicate. How people want to convey their messages can be more notable than what they relay. ‘The medium is the message’ (Whittkower 2010 p. 24). The medium can often define the tone of the conversation as a text message can be perceived differently compared to a phone call.

Pacman eating music symbols
(, 2017)

Through interactive games played on gaming consoles the music plays a huge part in engaging the player as the music may heighten their emotions and make the situation seem more realistic. ”More than ever, a game score needs to not only set the mood and pace of an adventure but also add stakes and drama to an ever-evolving interactive story line.” (Gaudiosi paragraph 5). Gaudiosi explores how essential a game score is to the sense of adventure and drama in the game. Through digital media and in particular video games on large consoles engage the player often through first player games and having it from the player’s point of view.

(Abraham 2011) explores how surrounding factors such as music and sound effects are seen as things that enhance the engagement experience for the player which show how outside factors influence the main narrative and how the player feels about it whilst playing along with how the disharmony of certain pieces can turn into ‘’happy accidents of synchronization’’ (Abraham 2011 p. 64). This shows the unpredictability of the use of music within video games.

(McLuhan, 2001) shows that digital media brings a whole new understanding to digital literacy and how it can be interpreted as well as how it can be used in increasingly more industries. This explains how digital media and digital literacy is able to evolve along with the technology being made in time directly correlating with the advancement of gameplay. Seeing this trend of interactive narratives becoming more mainstream allows us to understand media in a better way as it shows how the media in a way depends on digital literacy.


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